Two Kinds of Taping Drywall Techniques

So what taping drywall techniques are worth knowing? What are the top tricks of taping drywall correctly, and what are some great little secrets of taping drywall correctly so that it looks like a pro did it? So please help me out, as I need a few hints now that I am building a new house and am having my drywall installed.

First off, joint compound is what gives the tape that stick together when taping drywall. It also makes it much easier to clean later on, when the dirt has settled and you don’t have to scrub and pull. You may have to purchase some upgraded joint compound, or maybe get it at a hardware store or home center. There are many brands available, so it shouldn’t be a problem, but just make sure you pick the right brand.

Also, there are two types of taping drywall that you can use: one where you score the joint, and one where you glue the bottom and top together. If you are using scoring joint compound, make sure that the score line goes all the way around the board, it should just be a couple of millimeters from the first layer of drywall. If you are using the glue down method, make sure that the joint is well dried before beginning. I have used both methods, and they do look like the professionals did it…which is good, because I don’t know how to do it myself!

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