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Superior quality is not just a catch phrase at DrywallMaine; it’s measured in tangible benefits to our customers by:

  • Eliminating rework
  • Completing projects on time, within budget
  • Better documentation, clarifying expectations, and minimizing surprises
  • Testing and verifying to ensure expected results

Program Overview

DrywallMaine’s Quality Program includes:

  • Testing and verifying to ensure expected results
  • Well established document control
  • Detailed proposal preparation, project set-up and process controls
  • Strict guidelines on purchasing and material controls
  • Comprehensive standards and specifications for product installation and finishing
  • Detailed verification, inspection, and testing protocols
  • Specifics for identifying non-conforming outcomes + and the necessary corrective procedures

Program Highlights

Highlights of Our Quality Program Include:

  • Control Program prepared for each project
  • Quality Control Inspection Sheets are provided for each job
  • A Quality Control manager assigned to each project to ensure overall quality compliance
  • Pre-release material inspection to ensure conformance with project requirement
  • On-going inspections throughout construction to verify that all items conform to stated project requirements
  • A complete set of all documents for the proper execution of all tasks

In short, Our Commitment to Quality adds measurable value to our customers.


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